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Friday, February 3, 2012

I M Mary Ann Cherry: Bye Bye CRA

I M Mary Ann Cherry: Bye Bye CRA

Bye Bye CRA

Too much going on for me to say much at this moment.

I'll let the good folks over at Hollywood-Highlands entertain and bring you up to speed on what's important and what is funny.  They don't mean to make a joke of the powers in city hall, it just happens naturally.  It all seems so organic.  Maybe it's improvisational (with the right props, of course).  Whatever you call it, it shows a lack of respect for our first amendment rights (you don't have to be there for your rights to get kicked around).  H-H call themselves oddballs.  Others have said "gadflies" and I've heard them called much worse.  I prefer to call them successful wags.

The great news is that the California RDA (Redevelopment Agency), including LA's own CRA, is history.  Gone.  Kaput.  CRA was the worse use of public funds and probably the most damaging organization to hit the middle class.  With the CRA dissolved, no more areas will be declared "blighted" and families tossed on their butts to create "development" (note: shopping malls, high income housing, mixed use properties).  More wealthy people became richer and fatter and more bloated through RDA funding and dirty backroom deals due to the CRA.  And more working class people had the rug pulled out from under them, their homes seized (not from foreclosure, this was done through "imminent domain") as a result of the same development plan.

That's the beginning and a grossly abridged version of the whole story.  Check out Hollywood-Highlands for the end of the story.