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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

They want a focus, focus on this: Step back. Let the people work this out peacefully

We must not allow the oligarchy to uproot the important Occupy movement.
Tax payers, registered voters paved those streets and built these city halls. This is OUR government. Dianne Feinstein, Councilman Rosendahl, and Mayor V must be put on notice that they work for us. The people are speaking now. 
I understand the oligarchies resistance and confusion because we gave them the keys to the castle a long time ago.  We elected so many corrupt politicians who have skewed the game by changing laws and deregulating or allowing "self-regulation" (what a disappointing joke that turned out to be).  Our representatives favor the corporate power structure.  The temptation was too rich and the opportunities too obvious and it's just the way human nature works sometimes. 
Before we, as a society, become anymore czarist, let the people speak.  Let the people be heard.
It is a long and arduous process to find their message.  They are doing this by consensus and we haven't seen anything done by a genuine honest consensus in a long time.  They don't teach this stuff in business school.  But the Senate and Congress have not worked efficiently to change things for the better any quicker. 
The people who think they are in charge need to sit back down and listen. No matter how long it takes or how creepy it looks or how bad it smells. It's not much different than giving birth, only this is a birth of new thought.  It will be painful and dangerous at times and not everyone will promptly accept the new born-- some will call it a bastard.  It makes it no less of a life.
They want a focus, focus on this:  Step back.  Let the people work this out peacefully. 

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