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Saturday, February 19, 2011

cut the flesh before you get to the bone

It is not likely that the Federal deficit was caused by all that frivolous spending on Planned Parenthood, or education, or health costs.  The deficit was caused by poor management, plain and simple.  The health of our nation depends upon healthy fiscal roots and simply put: we got root rot. 

It is the definition of hubris to cut 60 billion dollars in funds to the most needy while maintaining the same salaries for our representatives.  I'm calling for a ten percent cut in all salaries to elected officials across the nation.  They can do what they want to their appointed fellows.  What are they going to do?  Get elected somewhere else where they have higher pay?

Have we learned nothing from Cairo?  Are we not paying attention to what is happening in Bahrain and most especially what our fellow working-class citizens are doing in Madison, WI.  The Governor of Wisconsin remains "unfazed" by the protests.  Of course he is unfazed--he doesn't give a flying bee about the working class.

I will say this again, and probably again, management needs a functioning proletariat.

There will be more on this.