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Friday, January 21, 2011

UNhappy Anniversary

One year ago today the Edward's Supreme Court decided a fateful ruling in Citizens United which eliminated all restrictions on corporate spending in elections.  Basically, the frightfully right-wing court sold out the soul of our democracy:  fair elections. 

Here's a question for the court:  if the constitution guarantees one vote per citizen-- how do shareholders of multiple corporations have their best interests represented multiple times by their corporate interests?  Not only is it not fair, it is not a way to operate a democracy.

We need to stop this.  New information just reached the surface that Justices Scalia and Thomas had, at the time of the ruling and still to this day, conflicts of interest that should have demanded they recuse themselves from ruling.  Scalia and Thomas! They each took oaths to uphold the constitution--not sell it out to the highest bidders of their choosing.

Scalia and Thomas have been featured guests at secretive political strategy sessions sponsored by Koch Industries, a multi-billion dollar conglomerate that has invested millions of dollars in political campaigns and causes. Koch Industries was a major beneficiary of the Citizens United decision, which overturned long-established law to permit corporations to spend unlimited amounts on political advocacy.

Please take action.  Here is a petition, a request, to the Justice Department to do a full investigation of this maleficence of justice.

Enjoy your day.  Don't celebrate this occasion.  Celebrate yourself for taking action to restore sanity to the highest court in our land.


Quaerendo said...

It should also be noted that Koch (So you'll recognize it when you hear it: pronounced "Coke")who owns the Republican party is also the owner and primary creator of the "Tea party".

IM Cherry said...

So, the recipe for the destruction of American democracy is 2 parts Koch and one part tea?

Quaerendo Invenietis said...

Koch, republican, tea party: same substance. The government has always been for sale. In previous history it has for the most part been sold to Americans with the best interests of the nation in mind since it also served their own interests. The threat to our democracy is that due to esclated globalization the very rich no longer need American materials and American workers to manufacture and consume their goods and services. As demonstrated by the volatility of the stock market and the recent near collapse of the financial markets, the exchange and consumption of “real” goods and services has become virtually incidental to the accumulation and distribution of wealth at the highest levels. Instead our economy is at best based on speculation based on the anticipation of exchange and consumption that may or may not materialize, and need not always materialize for money to change hands. Essentially: bullshit. American workers and consumers are becoming superfluous when they were once essential. Now the elective process itself is for sale, American voters are going the way of American workers.