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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Happy Festivus for the Rest of Us

This time of year is designed to be stressful and hence at least a tad disappointing.  In addition to all the year-end bookkeeping duties that anyone who pays taxes is too familiar with, we have overburdened ourselves with a competitive, consumerist mindset that could make the Pharaohs blush.  It's nonsense.  It doesn't really matter.  I have discovered that most people of substance prefer time spent creating happy memories.

Time, that is the commodity.  Happy memories are the rewards.

A writer for the famed 90s TV Show, "Seinfeld," Dan O'Keefe adapted a script for the half-hour sitcom from a tradition started by his father Daniel O'Keefe.  The father O'Keefe discovered the Festivus holiday in a 1966 book about obscure holidays.  Now, I don't promote the "airing of grievances" as a holiday tradition nor would I partake in the after dinner "feats of strength," as practiced in the fictional Costanza household.  I do however encourage finding your own way to celebrate.  Celebrate what you feel in your heart (and sometimes the work is in finding a feeling in your heart) with who you enjoy.

I applaud O'Keefe's idea to step outside the box and to unleash the chains of traditions.  Reexamine your habits and values and adjust what simply doesn't work.  If you can do nothing else, be brave with your own life.

Don't cave to societal pressures to spend what you can not afford or do what you resent or even to be anyplace where your heart is not safe and open.  I know this from experience.  It is a lovely thing to be free.  It is a fine day to be where I want to be and where I am wanted; and to appreciate the experiences that taught me the value in that.  I know the painful differences.

Continued blessings to us all.

PS - I just came across this lovely piece from The Christian Science Monitor (by way of Yahoo News)  with some simple, common sense down-home advise on staying sane and emotionally healthy all year round:

"Psychologists have found that happiness is positively linked to social connections that are substantial, not superficial. At a time when resources are scarce, we need to tap into a resource we already have in abundance: ourselves."
I repeat: substantial, not superficial.  We find what we seek.  We seek what we are.  We are our relationships.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Traveling to New Orleans?

When I think of New Orleans, I think music, food, fun, and some of the greats of American literature.  Check out Louis' literary pub crawl (it's a tour of sorts).  And please let us know what you think.

thanks for the love.  Stay safe out there in the holidaze madness.