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Saturday, November 13, 2010

What Morris Kight thought it might be like in 2010

In a 1976 radio interview with Jonathan N. Katz (this Jonathan Katz NOT that Jonathan Katz), Morris Kight said: 

"By the year 2010 the population will have doubled. If you believe that we're doing a lousy job now think what it'll be like with the decline of fossil fuel, deterioration of air and water, world wide wars. A lot of troubles are coming. Society can be conned into believing a lot of lies. Gays as sick or sinful is a lie. There are a lot of other lies."

As much as Kight loved being right, I can't imagine he'd be too happy about being this right.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Congratulations to all who voted

Another election season over.  California did right by the blues and rest of the country was given back to the reds.  If all is fair in love and war, than it's even more fair in an elected government.  We need to sit tight and let the people do their jobs.

Representatives from the tea party have been in office for less than 48 hours and they aren't complaining about Obama--yet.

Prop 19, though it didn't pass it proved that there are at least 47% of voters in favor of legalizing personal use of cannabis.  This has propelled the conversation forward in a huge way.  Recently, while going through some newspapers from 1970, I found a number of editorials calling for the death penalty for pot use.  So, this may not be the prize we hoped for--but it is huge progress.  Don't discount that and know that the initiative will be back on the ballot.

Interesting note about Prop 19, it didn't win Humboldt County.  Humboldt is the growing capital of the world for cannabis.  It is big business and family business in those parts and those folk scrutinized this bill.  Tells me, they didn't like the taxing aspect and that it was, in fact, a poorly written initiative.

Meg-a-bucks Whittman was told by the California voters what she can do with her almost 150 million dollars.  These were obscene amounts of money spent on this election, but Meg outdid all.  It's obscene because of the number of folk standing in food lines and sleeping on the streets.  She couldn't fix the world with her money anymore that she'd fix California with her "business expertise."

Glad to see Carly go away.

And oh so glad that California told those two Texas gazillionares what they can do with their oil.  There was a loud shout of "No on 23" heard throughout the state.

Game on.