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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Note to self: pick up paint

Like the gentleman said, "God bless these United States of America."

I keep thinking that I will snap out of this alternate reality in a second and be back to where we were on Monday. I’m excited by some of the names I hear bandied about for cabinet posts (I’ve been pushing for Bill Richardson as Sect of State since February when he left the White House race).

I was out poll watching most of yesterday afternoon (very uneventful, a few places came close to running out of ballots). Then I was results watching with some friends. We were watching Steve Colbert and Jon Stewart when Stewart came on and announced “Barack Obama is the next president of the United States,” and we immediately had to change the channel to make sure that it wasn’t a Jon Stewart prank. Spent the rest of the evening washing tears out of my eyes and pinching myself. It’s been an amazing experience. And quite honestly, it'll all have been worth it with when we see those two little beautiful girls playing on the front lawn of the White House with their new puppy.

“Let’s paint the White House black.” ~George Clinton

"Change has come to America."


It's a new day in America!