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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Are we at all alike?

Are you like me? Are you obsessed with this election? It feels more like an addiction than a healthy civic concern. I’m already planning for the withdrawal to begin the morning of November 5. I must. Well, may be November 6. But I’ve made a commitment, to my friends, family, and most importantly to myself. I have to get back to my life.

Speaking of civic commitments, let’s talk about the Rock Stars of Election Day: Poll workers. Those are the people who will have completed a 3 hour class with the County, watched a 2 GB Instructional Video at home, and will have arrived at a polling place near you at 6:00 AM to prepare for the most important day in our nation, they are on the frontlines of our democratic system at work. It wouldn’t work without them. As someone put it, “Poll workers are the foundation upon which democracy rests.”

But if you are really like me, you’ve been voting by mail for a couple of years now. These ballots are counted early in Los Angeles County and mine is signed, sealed, stamped, and delivered. So I should be able to relax, right?


I decided to make November 4 "Poll workers are Rock Stars” Day. I’ll pick a few precincts where I know they had a shortage of local poll workers and someone had to travel from outside the area to help with the local civic responsibilities. LA County, for instance, had difficulty getting poll workers on the west side and in the north county. I guess the work isn’t good enough. Anyway, I’m on a mission to thank the poll workers – bring treats, water, whatever. Can’t be distracting to the process and I know enough to arrange this before hand and call ahead of time. But I think it can be done – besides I need something to do with all this nervous energy.

My point is: Remember to say thank you to your poll workers. If you think that things are screwed up now, just imagine…


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